Elisabetta Gardini addresses Eco Fashion Talk Week

Sustainable fashion one week on stage in Milan

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Milan – Sustainable fashion was the theme at the center of  the “Eco Talk Fashion Week” organized in collaboration between Accademia del Lusso and the NGO e-qo, that operates in the field of the green economy.

From 23 to March 27, 2015 a number of experts, operators, designers and academics gave speeches at Accademia del Lusso premises, in Via Privata Chioggia 2,  Milan, recounting their experiences in eco fashion and exchanging ideas with the audience, thus giving place to a sort of open and innovative think tank.

The week represented a moment of encounter, listening and reflection on topics such as the role, materials, processes, marketing and communication in sustainable fashion.

Among the speakers Giusy Bettoni (CLASS), Silvia Massimino (Change Up), Gabriella Ghidoni (Royah), Kate Andrea Ferrario (Instagramers Milan), Gianni Dalla Mora (Womsh), Niccolò Boggian (Forum of Meritocracy), Sandro Serenari (e. qo), Margherita Vaghi and Gianmaria Spinella (Labolsina), Carla Lasorte (As sustainable as possible), Francesca Paglia (Paglia), Bianca Cappello (IED), Fanny Raponi (Fanny Contrasto), Ilaria Rega (Giardini di Babilonia).

The Eco Fashion Talk Week ended Friday, March 27, 2015 with a final panel of speakers


Giacomo Robustelli

including Elisabetta Gardini, MEP, Giusy Bettoni CEO of CLASS, Sandro Serenari President of e.qo, Giacomo Robustelli, Eunews founder and Ceo, Giampiero Mele, ex cathedra eCampus and Silvia Gaiani, lecturer in Ecofashion at Accademia del Lusso.

The theme of sustainable fashion has been addressed in relation to the green economy, the European environmental policies,  made in Italy and competitiveness.

The E-qo Greeen Awards – prestigious awards delivered every two years to personalities who have distinguished themselves in the promotion of the best collective interests- have been delivered at the end of the event to Elisabetta Gardini (MEP), Francesco Polidori (owner of Accademia del Lusso), and Silvano Lattanzi (Founder of Zintala, luxury handmade shoes).



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