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EU Budget: A double-dealing challenge

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The dispute on the EU multi-year budget is purely a political one. There is nothing economic about it; it does not have an economic value for who is negotiating. It is the dispute between those who think it is better to confront the crisis individually (every state on its own) and those who think it better to do it on a community level. It is the assault of those who pretend not to know that the EU allows economies of scale and therefore providing a greater cost-effectiveness of money invested. It is the battle of who wants to fill the bellies of the more uninformed and narrow-minded electors – for a brief moment.

It is the challenge for who pretends not to know that 94% of the money poured into the Union goes back to the States rather than feed “other” institutions concerning European citizens.  It is the lie of those who don’t remember we are talking about1% of the European Pil (GNP), of who, even if they were able to cut 100 billion from the seven year budget spanning from 2014-2020 would save on average 500 million a year over seven years.

It is the conflict of the deceitful who will succeed, maybe, in saving a ridiculous amount, in order to spend it in small internal policies, if they do it.

And it is after all, the mediocrity of those in charge of the European Institutions, who accept for the first time in its history that the EU decides on a cut in real terms of its budget, which means a step backwards; this is more serious than simply less money. This merits resignations.

Lorenzo Robustelli



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