CONTROMANO / Diego Marani
Ferrarese, nato nel 1959, interprete di formazione, funzionario europeo, scrittore. Fra i suoi romanzi tradotti in diverse lingue, Nuova grammatica finlandese, L'ultimo dei Vostiachi e Il Cane di Dio.

Either Brussels or Farmville

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Grillo camperThe next few days will tell if some men of state are developing among the Grillo group or if the Grillo movement is just the umpteenth feeble gesture of a lost society. There is hope that at least a few elected from the 5 Star Movement are capable of the metamorphosis that on the other hand Grillo views as smoke in the eyes and that is to say become political men. It only takes a few, those who have already distinguished themselves as competent and capable. They are the ones with the country’s destiny in their hands. The extremism of many will die out by itself when confronted with good sense and a clear government program of a group of informed Grillo followers. It is urgent that Italy form a government and would be disastrous to go to elections again, prolonging this stalling phase past summer – also because from July to December 2014 Italy will host the EU presidency. This is not an insignificant assignment; it must be prepared carefully and it is already getting late. During this period we would be responsible for maintaining the helm of the EU and would have great power to make our mark on community policy. If the Grillo followers really plan to change our position in Europe, if they truly want to invert restrictive economic policies and meet head-on, as so much of the European public opinion demands, the predominance of a fiscal Europe for a stringent budgetary policy in order to favor a new model of European integration closer to the grass roots, this is a historical opportunity. To arrive unprepared to this appointment would be a fatal mistake for a movement with ambitions of such profound reform. A weak and incoherent Italy will leave free reign to the usual powers yet again; it will impede the formation of a Southern block and it will continue to be confined to policy that penalizes us and will not see progress in those that, on the other hand, would give us back a protagonist role in Europe. Just think about the Mediterranean Sea – how the Arab revolutions need Europe and to the already desperately urgent need to lift up Southern Italy again. The more important decisions depart from Europe and where future scenarios are decided. To influence them we must be present and be prepared. Let’s not forget that the much contested TAV was decided by Brussels and voted by an Italian Minister. The Grillo followers, like the PD ones, urgently need to develop a European competency and credibility that is an alternative to Monti but that is able to obtain respect and esteem in Brussels. In order to do this there must be collaboration and understanding between the political forces on whom the responsibility falls now. The presidential nominees for the senate and chamber are encouraging. They demonstrate that among the Grillo followers there are some who have a vision of the state. But among the most suicidal Hezbollah of Grillism, the dissatisfied already seethe and some write that with Grasso’s candidacy, the PD has set a trap for the Grillo group. An accusation that is insulting for the movement itself and a sign of blind fear. Now more than ever, the legitimate objective of the PD and of every savvy Italian politician must be that of dividing the Grillo group, to separate the good ones just to play Farmville from the capable ones to take charge of a government that is finally new and strong.

Diego Marani




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