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Una vita passata a inventare storie, dieci anni a Londra alla BBC a fare la giornalista diciamo d’assalto, e più di tre a fare la consulente di relazioni pubbliche qui a Bruxelles. È giunto il momento di collegare tutti i pezzi in un solo puzzle: scrivere e raccontare; studiare e parlare d’Europa; commentare e produrre video.
Hello Europe

Hello Europe! Are we still willing to meet each other in Europe, even if only virtually?

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Hello EuropeThe idea is to build giant screensand place them in some of the main European cities and get to know one another. A European project, well actually, a very Belgian video. A crazy idea? Maybe but well worth a try! Have a look:

I have checked with one of the producers: they are making good progress but have not found the sponsor yet. I bet they will though, because it’s a nice concept and would give good visibility to however decided to fund it. Or at least I hope so. Certainly it confirms the feeling that, these days, Belgians are the only pro-European people still left in Europe!

Virginia Mucchi



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