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Per 15 anni chitarrista della reggae band Africa Unite, ora gestisce l'etichetta indipendente Lady Lovely a cavallo tra Italia e Belgio. Vive a Bruxelles dove suona, dipinge, scrive, gira, vede gente, si muove, conosce e fa delle cose.

A star is born

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è nata una stellaYou know what happened instead.

A stranger
to politics,
a certain
Silvio Berlusconi,
took the field

defeated the joyous left-wing war horse
and in 2 months
the moderates
into government.

That was me.

So, in these 7 or 8 years of blogs and posts on the web, I don’t believe I have ever written about this man. In fact, maybe yes, one or two times but only a slight mention, never a full post. I do not hide the fact that one of the reasons I left Italy was precisely to avoid continuing to bust my balls every bloody day with important news and not on this person.

That said, today I am making an exception.

Because here we are faced with a masterpiece.

To speak in 3rd person to then conclude with “That was me,” was undeniably an absolutely theatrical moment.

I will beat myself up because the 3:57 frame, in which this insolent man concludes winking “It was me,” indicating himself with his right hand, will enter Italian cinema history as one of the moments of maximum expressions of hilarity.

Do this exercise:

Reread the passage above and try to imagine our reactions. It doesn’t matter if they are your favorite.
Imagine them at the end of these few verses while concluding with an insolent face, indicating yourself with the right hand and specifying, dodging suspicion, “It was me.”
No, really, do it, try it!
I assure you surprising results.

Totò. One for all. Proud, strutting, who looks at his public slyly and ends with a sweeping gesture of the hand and one of his smirks.
It was me.
Come on, go back and reread and think about Totò.
It works doesn’t it?
I told you.

Now try it with whoever you want.
Count Catellani, mega director playing billiards with Fantozzi saying “Let the best man win, that would be me.”

It was me, ta-da!

Gianfranco D’Angelo.

Renato Pozzetto.

And so on.
A star is born.

Ru Catania



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