CONTROMANO / Diego Marani
Ferrarese, nato nel 1959, interprete di formazione, funzionario europeo, scrittore. Fra i suoi romanzi tradotti in diverse lingue, Nuova grammatica finlandese, L'ultimo dei Vostiachi e Il Cane di Dio.

Identity on sale

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malta passaportoThe Maltese government has decided to sell some citizenships: if you are a foreigner and you can afford paying 650,000€, it is your turn to become Maltese. This is just another evidence of the non-existence of the “national identity” concept, which have ruled us too long so far.

Maltese have just created their own “identity”, still they are clear headed enough to realize it is only appearance – taking advantage of the fact. Not to forget even Maltese languge exists only because of Eruope. When you are too little to lead, better to have your own characteristic language – you will be under the Europeanspotlight. Hence the Maltese language, once just a curiosity for glottoligists, today a consistent language. They are selling what they’ve just created – their Maltese identity. And it’s a mere matter of intellectual property, ha. Don’t be shocked. Be enlightened by their lack of scruples.

For sure, we have sacrificed millions of people on the altar of the “home country”, and it is then very difficult for us to understand.However, the vase is now broken. If an identity is on sale, and it isjust a matter of money, what is left when talking about the “founding myth” of a country? Of any country? Let’s try to imagine to replicate the idea in Italy. You pay, you become Italian. Even though it’s difficult to think there would be many people willing to pay so much money, where in this kind of market is the place for the ethics of belonging? For national traditions? For the value of “your” home country? For the ultimate sacrifice in defending it? At last, for all the rhetoric connected, which havewrapped us for at least two centuries?

Once upon a time, the military services helped us remember the martial origin shared by each national structure, while the manly oath, shouted in front of the Italian flag – our tricolore – was kind of an initiation rite. Well, if today nothing is left differentiating a Maltese-born from a “Maltese-bought”, Europe lays on the edge of the abyss.

Time for profit-making business States, with their nice languages and their passpoorts on sale? Time for us to buy the natonal identity we like most? Perhaps, time to have no national identity at all, as act of ultimate freedom.




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