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European elections: beware of the Great Delusion

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Swoboda, Daul and Verhofstadt

Swoboda, Daul and Verhofstadt

EPP, Liberals and Socialists are already wiping away the news of the “direct” election of the President of the European Commission by the citizens. In a deal reached in Brussels, the leaders of the three European parties decided that they will be the three involved in indicating the candidate for the Berlaymont. No centre-right, no centre-left, majority or opposition, the risk is the usual compromise among the leading forces, supported by the third actor participating the meeting, the liberals, getting ready to have their share. That’s not right. That’s the way to bamboozle the electorate, to keep things at the Parliament as they are, managing everything in the name of compromise among forces – supposed to be alternatives. That’s the way to take the wind out of the Parliament’s sails, the only European institution directly elected by citizens: any promise heard during the electoral campaign is already scrap paper.

In a joint statement, the parties’ presidents Joseph Daul, Hannes Swoboda and Guy Verhofstadt (who is supposed to be the liberal candidate for the Commission presidency, and is already laying down his arms) explained they’ve reached an agreement for “a commitment” (which excludes all the other parties), “to launch consultations immediately after the elections in order to identify the candidate able to form a majority in the Parliament.” Nothing new under the sun. The two main parties, with a “liberal” tail, with no respect for the choice they offered to the electors who, perhaps, would rather choose among a centre-right, centre-left, or even centre party…not a back-room deal. Actually, a press-room deal, announced publicly by the spokespersons of the Parliament, like an official Assembly act.

DuchThe three tried to justify themselves saying that “the candidate from the largest group will be the first to attempt to form the required majority. On this basis, we will jointly submit a proposal to the European Council to start inter-institutional consultations in conformity,” – that is, they have a deal, and no other majorities are allowed.

A mockery – the Greens are right, Daniel Cohn-Bendit denounced that the deal “confirmed that EPP, S&D and ALDE haven’t lived up to the promises they made, these elections won’t be any different, traditional parties reached a deal to keep the loot.” Monica Frassoni, European co-vice president of the Greens, said “it is unacceptable for S&D and Liberals to reach a deal with a centre-right party…total hypocrisy.”

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