Elections, eurosceptics the most probable winners in France and the UK

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The latest polls speak out: the next European elections will be successful for no-Euro and no-Europe parties. The Front National led by Marine Le Pen leads at 24 percent, and the UKIP led by Nigel Farage is even at 29 percent

There are about two weeks left before the votes, and according to the latest polls the real stars of the next European Parliament elections will be eurosceptics and no-Euro parties. France and the UK lead the group, with the Front National headed by Marine Le Pen and the UKIP headed by Nigel Farage.

According to the polls released by IFOP for Paris Match in fact, the far-right party led by Le Pen is going to triumph with 24 percent of preferences, while the UKIP, the nationalist British party, according to YOUGOV estimates, is going to obtain a share of 29 percent.

The anti-European turn made by France had already obtained important confirmations with the administrative elections held at the end of May. The party led by Le Pen was the third party of the country, with about fifteen cities won at the second ballot. Now the same story could be repeated at the heat of Europe, even with more striking results. Front National is expected to gain about 24 percent of preferences, while the UMP led by Jean-Francois Copé, about 22.5 percent. Socialist lag behind, according to IFOP, with only 18 percent of voting intentions.

The UK is not so different: this is not the first time the country has expressed ideas far from Europe, yet this time the most adverse parties could triumph. The UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, who declined even the very idea of a possible alliance with the Front National (too extremist, too neofascist, according to UKIP) is the most anti-European party in the United Kingdom. According the latest poll by YOUGOV, the UKIP could even get 29 percent of votes, with Labour at 26 percent and Tories at 23 percent. Liberal Democrats, which got 23 percent of preferences at the national elections, could even miss the 10 percent target.




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