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Italy to bring the dramatic situation of abducted Nigerian schoolgirls at the Foreign Affairs Council

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During the meeting of Foreign Affairs Ministers to be held on Monday in Brussels, one of the issues to be discussed will be the abduction of over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria by a terroristic group. The request was advanced by Italy

From the US to the EU, the whole world is rallying to bring back the abducted Nigerian girls, kidnapped in the last weeks by the Islamic terroristic group Boko Haram. The issue, after a direct request by Italy, will be on the table of the EU Foreign Ministers next Monday in Brussels. For sure the delicate Ukrainian situation will be the core of the debate, yet part of the meeting is to be reserved to the latest events of the African country – those girls in fact could be sold on the “market of slaves.”

“There are several things that Europe can do for helping the research,” said a qualified source from the EU Council, “first, we have several diplomatic missions in the neighbouring states, which could prove crucial for getting contacts and exchanges of information. Then, the cooperation we have had for a long time with Nigeria in terms of fight against terrorism can be essential. Last, we think that favouring the cooperation among Member States we can focus our efforts in finding the Nigerian girls and getting them back home.”

The Italian Foreign Minister, Federica Mogherini, on the sides of the EU – Balkan states held in Greece today, explained that “in order to obtain the release of those girls we do not need individual attention-seekers, we need coordinated efforts by all Member States.” Mogherini concluded saying that “this is why Italy will put forward a proposal in that direction at the next Foreign Affairs Council.”



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