Euro or Lira? Scelta Europea gets the jump on Grillo and launches an on-line consultation

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It will be possible to vote until May 25 on

Guy Verhofstadt beat Beppe Grillo to the draw and launches an on-line consultation on the single currency. From May 21 in fact, Italians can express their thoughts on the “euro – lira” issue, crucial point of the electoral debate, the red line among parties.

Results will be presented at 8am on May 25, the day of European Elections in Italy. Voting is simple: you just need to click on a euro coin if you want to keep it, or on a lira coin if you want to get back to the old national currency, on

Scelta Europea has organised the consultation “because we are sure the single currency is not the root of the crisis, as other Italian parties and movements are proclaiming. The Euro is the expression of a necessary integration, which must be widened if we really want to get back to recovery, employment and sovereignty into a globalised world.”



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