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Gozi: the electoral result strenghtened our position in view of the Semester Presidency

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The Undersecretary for European Affairs open-minded on Juncker: he is the undisputed winner, still we want changes. It is necessary not to ignore eurosceptics.

“I am very happy.” The electoral result “shows the European policy we pursue is the right one.” The day after the electoral triumph of the Democratic Party at the European Election Sandro Gozi, on the sides of the Competitiveness Council, emphasised the meaning of the vote and the acknowledgment obtained by the Rnzi government. Still, the Undesecretary for European Affairs goes beyond national borders in his analysis. The electoral result “strengthens our position in the Parliament and in the Council, in view of the forthcoming Italian Semester.” The Democratic Party is the first delegation of the S&D group, and the second after Angela Merkel’s CDU at the European Parliament. “We put in our agenda growth, jobs, migration and finundamental rights, and this has repayed,” said Gozi. Now the faith of Italy into the European Union is in Renzi’s hands. Our country could even ask for Gianni Pittella to be the leader of the PES, even of the European Parliament. “You’d better ask our Secretary,” broke off Gozi.

Dealing with the European Commission Presidency, Gozi did not take a definite position. The EPP candidate will try to find a majority into the Parliament, and the Democratic Party is ready to support him, provided that changes are made. “Jean-Claude Juncker is the master in this game, yet he needs to take into account that electors called for an end of austerity policies.” As Democratic Party, “we now want to see a change: we have seen stability lately, not growth.” The Undersecretary then reassured the audience on this: more growth and less stability dies not mean no respect for rules. “We know the Treaties, we have read them all.” Dealing with the next term, “Eurosceptics are too few to filibuster the Parliament, still they are too many to be ignored,” he warned.



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