Gianni Pittella

Schulz “temporary” head of the S&D group, Pittella probable successor

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Schulz, Socialists’ leader, has made his candidacy as head of the group official: he will be probably be elected yet his mandate, as everybody knows, is just temporary and functional to the negotiations for the European Commission Presidency. Then the office should be covered by Pittella, the “most powerful” member of the biggest delegation of the group

An instrumental mandate, temporary and functional just to a first-hand management of the negotiations with the Council for the European Commission Presidency. Not written, yet completely understood by everyone: the odds say Martin Schulz will be elected Head of the S&D Group on June 18, and he will probably leave the office as soon as he will get a more prestigious one – at least, a “strong” Commissioner. At the election in fact, it will be hard for the Socialist family to withdraw the support for its leader (who has been unanimously elected by the heads of the delegations as the representative of the Group for the negotiations with Van Rompuy), still everyone is aware that Schulz won’t be satisfied by this role – a remarkable comedown after the European Parliament Presidency.

Then the match is still open – and Italy can play a leading role. The Democratic Party delegation is the most numerous of the group (and of the entire Parliament) and the perfect person for the role is universally recognized. We’re talking about Gianni Pittella, Vice President of the outgoing European Parliament, re-elected with with a plebiscite. With him, the Democratic Party can easily have its man as head of the S&D group. His election would be “natural” – as highlighted by the Italian delegation. We just want to underline that Pittella could be engaged in even higher positions: he would be easily chosen to run for the Parliament Presidency, even tough that is a slightly harder match. Usually, the biggest group is ‘entitled’ to the Presidency for the first two years and a half, EPP in this case. Yet the balance could change according to the others slots of this ‘snakes&ladders’.

In the meantime, in order to have Pittella ready for a possible election as Head of the Group, he could be indicated for the Vice-Presidency. Hence, when Schulz will make a step back, his appointment would just be a ‘promotion’. A more natural step. This is one of the possible strategies deployed by the Italian delegation, still everything can change in the following weeks. Being aware that the post of Head of the S&D Group will be left vacant after the election of Schulz in fact, negotiations could be opened these days for the “post-phase”. The group is to meet for the first time next Tuesday and the future scenarios could be depicted there.



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