Renzi: women should be protagonist of the future European institutions

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During the two bilateral meetings held on the sides of the G-7 with Merkel and Cameron, the Italian Prime Minister underlined the need of a Europe “open to innovation and growth” and called for women to be focus of the process to redesign the Institutions. In the next days a common document of some Member States could be the beginning of the negotiations on the names

In redesigning the future of European institutions, women should be placed at the core of the process. Matteo Renzi, the Italian Prime Minister, reiterated his idea during two bilateral meetings held with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, before the beginning of the second day of the G-7. The meeting with Chancellor Merkel lasted about 45 minutes, in which the Italian PM found the time for joking about the forthcoming World Cup. The core of the talks, still, was the future of Europe and the appointment of the top positions for the future EU.

As already happened during the informal meeting of the Heads of State or Government held after the election, Renzi has reiterated his ideas – that is, appointments should come after programmes, not before. Programmes that, according to him, should “start from a less bureaucratic concept of Europe, a more vital ideal, open to growth and innovation.” The process, which will allow to reach a conclusion of the negotiations on the top positions appointments, strongly depends on the “protagonism” of women. Among the hypotheses discussed with Merkel and Cameron, the idea of a document supported by several Member States on which it will possible to base the definition of the names.



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