Farage, new talks with the 5SM: “I’m confident we’ll create a group”

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The UKIP leader goes on with his flattery of five-stars MEPs, who need to wait for the result of their ‘referendum’ before taking any decision. Yet they said “We are ready to turn a blind eye for avoiding the NI group”

Nothing can be said about the names of the parties. Nigel Farage will start talking solely from Friday, when the outcome of the 5 Stars Movement referendum about the possible collocation of the seventeen MEPs just landed in Brussels will be clear. So far, the leader of the nationalist British party denied all the rumours concerning the enormous difficulties eurosceptics are experiencing to create a group – only four acceptances so far. Negotiations “are in progress and they are going quite well,” he said, adding he’s “confident we’ll create a group with fifty, fifty-five MEPs.” Farage minimised the effects of True Finns and Danish People’s Party’s defections, which left the EFD to join Conservatives: “it was not a surprise,” he swore. Negotiations with the 5 Stars Movement continued too, with Grillo’s spokesperson, Claudio Messora, who met the UKIP leader in Brussels.

The British party went on flattering the 5 Stars MEPs, and it’s no mystery to anyone. “It wouldn’t be good for them to go with Greens or Conservatives – the first are fanatic federalist supporting wars, the latter fake eurosceptics,” reiterated Farage earlier this week. The possibility of an alliance between UKIP and the Movement, he said, “is scaring for other groups, they are defaming us because they all know we would be a true opposition,” yet “British people showed they do not believe to a single word of those defamations.” Within the group, he added, “MEPs are free to vote according to their ideas.”

On their side, 5 Stars representative didn’t say a word about the negotiations, waiting for the referendum outcome. Still, they underlined they do not want to fall into the NI group: that is “our biggest fear” said the head of the delegation, Ignazio Corrao, and MEPs are ready “to turn a blind eye” for avoiding the possibility. That is to say: the ends justify the means. There will be “tactical alliances” allowing the Movement to participate parliamentary works, but the first target will be “defending the program.” The 5 Stars Movement winked at the Greens, again: “We are a very ecologist and environmentalist movement,” said ‘casually’ Corrao, even though he admitted that “Farage is the only one courting us.”




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