Le Pen Strasbourg

Le Pen tries to relaunch herself in Strasbourg: “We are here, and this term will be no calm river”

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Front National leader spoke as NI member: “There’s a new wind blowing in Europe, and there’s none so deaf as he who will not hear”

She wasn’t able to form a group at the Parliament, not yet at least, maybe she’ll make it in the future. Still, she’s no going to stop. Marine Le Pen, total protagonist of the latest European Elections, said it will be a fight there. “This Parliamentary term will be no calm and quiet river,” said the Front National leader during her speech. She has no group, hence she has less time for talking, but this – as everyone understood – will not stop her. Aggressive tone, loud voice, insistent pace: she will be noisy, in every sense.

“The good news is, we will be hear to denounce these back-door deals,” she said, referring to party agreements, especially between EPP and PES, which led Martin Schulz to be re-elected as European Parliament President, and Jean-Claude Juncker to be appointed as European Commission next President. A declaration of war, more than a speech, pronounced by Le Pen in Strasbourg. “After the European Election there is a new wind blowing in Europe, going against this European Union, more and more brutal, increasingly disputed.” Minimising the phenomenon is just silly, according to Le Pen. “There’s none so deaf as he who will not hear.” Still, in the end everyone will hear: “This term is not going to be calm,” promised Le Pen.



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