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Poland called for a complaint to the WTO on Russian embargo, the Commission “We are evaluating the situation”

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The European Commission “is working on potential answers” against the block of EU food products established by Russia. So far it is not clear whether the complaint to the World Trade Organisation would be possible, but the decision “will be taken in the weeks to come”

Launching a WTO complaint over Russia embargo on EU Member States food products. This is the proposal made by Poland, which sent the European Union a formal request for moving in that direction. According to Reuters in fact, the Polish Minister of Economy has already sent a letter to the EU Commissioner for Trade, Karel de Gucht, who met yesterday the Polish Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sawiki.

The European Commission is still considering the situation after the request made by Warsaw: “We are working on potential answers,” explained a spokesperson of the Commission, “We will take a decision in the weeks to come,” he assured. In fact, the executive branch of the Union so far is evaluating “what it is possible to do, within the frame of the WTO regulation.”



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