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di Alfonso Bianchi
European Council without appointments, Renzi “I should have saved the travel”
Renzi e van Rompuy

European Council without appointments, Renzi “I should have saved the travel”

The European Concil should have closed the match on the appointments to be made for the forthcoming Commission, yet leaders failed to agree on top jobs. Matteo Renzi, the last to arrive at the meeting, wasn’t satisfied at all: “The meeting should have been better prepared to be effective.” “They told us to come and close the deal, then with utmost kindness, with the kindness he always shows, President Van Rompuy told us the deal wasn’t there yet.,” lamented Renzi, who added: “I dared to tell him to send me an SMS next time in order to spare us an official travel to Brussels.”

Renzi rejected the idea of Mogherini as the ‘core of the disagreement’ – Italy would like her to be the next High Representative of the EU, and “no one has vetoed the Italian candidacy, there is no other candidacy at all,” at least “so far.” But, “if it’s going to be an experienced man, I don’t think it will be Mogherini,” admitted Renzi. He didn’t speak up about other possible candidacies: “I’ve read about Letta, about Monti. We are available to any solution, it’s not like ‘this or die’ – still, there is no ongoing debate.”

Dealing with the European Council next President, PES would like it to be the Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and Renzi supported Hollande’s position: “it needs to represent us all, not because of his/her political party,” he said, “it needs to be one of the participating 28 Members, no matter its euro area membership,” and Hollande’s idea “was widely welcomed.”

Van Rompuy explained that “it takes time to find a deal on top jobs, it’s not a matter of one day, we need time.” That’s why he organised another EuCo on 30 August. “I’m sure we will take our decision there; I hope all Member States will send multiple names each by the end of July, inn order to reach a deal as soon as possible.” Dealing with Mogherini and Thorning-Schimidt, the President of the European Council said there is a need for “a consensual solution on a full package of appointments,” because if there is no global deal, there is no deal at all. Still, “we didn’t focus on names during the summit.”

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