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Are Socialists targeting the Presidency of the European Council and the High Representative post as well?

Are Socialists targeting the Presidency of the European Council and the High Representative post as well?

European Socialists seem to be targeting both the ‘top jobs’ to be appointed tomorrow during the European Council. “The EPP has already the post of President of the European Commission. The PES expects the Heads of State and Government to guarantee the necessary balance to allow progressive forces having an active and crucial role into shaping the new EU,” reads a statement of the party. Given that the PES has gained, with the approval of the EPP, the chair of High Representative, such a statement at the eve of the meeting which will result in the indication of the two names, could be the sign for a ‘new’ phase of the discussion, in which Socialists will try to get two of the three top EU position – as it had happened for the EPP before. This request could hint to a global deal in which conservatives and ‘hawks’ (directed by Berlin) could take the key posts at the economic offices of the next Commission. Another explanation could be that the PES wants to make sure one of its representatives will be appointed, namely Pierre Moscovici, as Commissioner for Economic Affairs.

““The EPP and the PES received a near-equal share of the popular vote in May’s European elections,” actually “PES secured more votes overall than the EPP” and “this result must be reflected in the EU’s new leadership & direction,” said the PES leader, Sergei Stanishev. Thus it seems Socalists are asking Heads of State and Government to choose among their people both the European Council next President and the High Representative of the Union. “We believe that gender balance is just as important as political balance,” Stanishev added, relaunching the run for both PES female candidates: Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Federica Mogherini.

According to Stanishev, “The people of Europe are tired of the conservative policies that have caused economic stagnation and social injustice across our continent. They want the new leaders of the EU to reflect the change in direction they have voted for.”

“Europe has asked for change,” said the Head of the S&D Group at the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella: “we need to find a new path which harnesses the global economy to the benefit of all our citizens, not just the few. Inequality is rising and we need strong social policies to fight this in Europe and around the world.”