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Enisa, la lotta alle cyber-minacce sta diventando una priorità (ENG)

Enisa, la lotta alle cyber-minacce sta diventando una priorità (ENG)

L'Agenzia europea per la sicurezza delle reti e dell'informazione ha pubblicato il suo report "Threat Landscape 2016" (Etl 2016), che analizza gli attacchi alla cybersicurezza dell'Unione lanciati durante lo scorso anno

Brussels – The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (Enisa) has published the “Threat Landscape 2016” (Etl 2016). The report summarises the top cyber threats encountered in 2016. This year is characterised by numerous serious cyber-incidents which have dominated the news. Main objectives of malicious activities detected was monetization and political impact.

Etl 2016 is streamlined towards the top cyber-threats, providing information on threat agents and attack vectors including all the remarkable developments, trends and issues. Moreover, it reports about threat agents their motivations, and how their practices, tools and techniques have advanced. Though the defenders have made significant progress in disrupting cyber-threats and in the attribution of incidents, adversaries continue to advance their tactics and techniques.

The emerging challenges originating from cyber-threats and the assessed trends are presented in this report. Enisa’s work in the area of threat analysis also includes:

  • Threat assessments for two emerging technology areas i) hardware, and ii) ad-hoc and sensor networking for Mobile to Mobile communications (M2M), and
  • An update on the cyber-threat taxonomy

You can find the report here.