Lorenzo Robustelli, Editor;

Chiara Celluprica, assistant to the editor, Brussels;

Ezio Baldari, associate journalist, Rome;

Alfonso Bianchi, professional journalist, Brussels;

Renato Giannetti, political researcher, Brussels;

Letizia Pascale, professional journalist, Brussels;



Marco Frisone, intern from Education for Europe, Brussels;

Irene Giuntella, associate, Brussels;

Laura Gobbo, journalist, Rome;

Loredana Recchia, expert in communication, Brussels;

Valentina Strammiello, researcher Cipi Foundation, Brussels;

Camilla Tagino, copy editor, Brussels.

Amy Bivin, translator, Rome.

Eunews.it is the brainchild of Lorenzo Robustelli, Brussels correspondent and Giacomo Robustelli, manager specializing in start-up.

The idea, which the name reflects, is to create a news website about Europe dedicated, first and foremost, to Italian readers. The name, however, is in English as we also want (and since September 2012 have) to inform the rest of the world, in the most commonly spoken language, about Italian activities concerning Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

We are aiming at the general public, the “average reader,” to fill the gap in the Italian information system. In addition to the “big issues,” we try to inform our readers about certain topics, many of which aren’t published in newspapers but merit interest and curiosity and which are based on our European identity.

The project is based on the enthusiasm of a group of professional journalists who contribute to the site every day. The source of revenue comes from advertising and customized reports – even off-line – always on European issues. Eunews.it is properly registered and owned by a limited liability company whose members are the founders.