European governance and democracy

Monetary policy: what can Europe learn from the experience of non-euro countries?

  • Moderator:Tonia Mastrobuoni
    Journalist at La Stampa
  • Speakers:Vítor Constâncio
    Italian Undersecretary of State for European Affairs
  • Bill Mitchell
    Professor of Economics

    Centre of Full Employment and Equity
  • Bill Mitchell
    Professor of Economics
    Director, Centre of Full Employment and Equity
    University of Newcastle
  • Richard Koo
    Chief Economist of Nomura Research Institute
  • Paolo Guerrieri
    Economics Professor at the University of Rome “Sapienza”
  • Frances Coppola
    Economist, former banker, contributor at Forbes and associate editor at Pieria


How to manage excessive public debts in the eurozone

  • Moderator:Dino Pesole
    Journalist at Il Sole 24 Ore
  • Speakers:Yanis Varoufakis
    University of Texas at Austin

    A MODEST PROPOSAL for debts, banks & investment
  • Franco Bassanini
    Chairman of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
  • Linda Zeilina
    Special Adviser at Re-Define Europe, next Head of Programme on the
    Future of Europe
  • Thomas Mayer
    Senior Fellow at the Center of Financial Studies at Goethe Universität Frankfurt

    How to separate banks from states

Does inequality hamper growth?

Which policies to foster the EU’s long-term fiscal sustainability?

  • Moderator:Elido Fazi
    Oneuro Lead Editor, Publisher
  • Speakers:Francesco Felici
    Analisi Quantitativa e Modellistica – MEF

    Which policies to foster the EU’s long-term fiscal sustainability?
  • Sony Kapoor
    Managing Director of Re-Define Europe
  • Daniel Gros
    Director of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
  • Riccardo Puglisi
    Researcher at the University of Pavia, editor at and expert in economics, politics and media

Which trade policies for Europe?

  • Moderator:Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè
    Professor of Business Strategy at Bocconi University
  • Speakers:Mauro Petriccione
    Deputy Director General For Trade – European Commission
  • Andrea Goldstein
    Head of Global Relations, OECD Investment Division
  • Antonio De Palmas
    President Boeing Italy
  • Final Speech:Maria Elena Boschi
    Italian Minister of Constitutional Reforms