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Monday, 15 April 2024

About us

Eunews is a publishing initiative providing information on Europe, founded in 2012 by Lorenzo and Giacomo Robustelli. The first Italian publication to have a central editorial office in Brussels and correspondents from Rome and other European capitals. In January 2022, it joined Withub.

Eunews is for both citizens and businesses interested in independent, critical and first-hand information on European current affairs: from political agendas to measures that affect our country at all regulation and legislation levels.

Its aim is to support the construction of informed public opinion on Europe in Italy and offers a direct line to EU decision makers.

It is a reference point for a growing number of a profiled audience of journalists, companies, policy makers and national and international stakeholders interested in Europe.

Consistent with its mission and wanting to accompany Italian companies in better understanding and interpretation of Europe’s decision-making processes while, at the same time, facilitating dialogue between the members of our country’s business community and the Union’s main institutional referents, Eunews also offers a series of dedicated information services and in-depth discussion and networking events.

Editorial office

  • Lorenzo Robustelli, Editor-in-chief;
  • Federico Baccini, journalist, Brussels;
  • Emanuele Bonini, journalist, Brussels;
  • Dario Borriello, journalist, Rome;
  • Simone De La Feld journalist, Brussels;
  • Domenico Giovinazzo, journalist, Rome;
  • Fabiana Luca, journalist, Brussels.


  • Ezio Baldari, journalist collaborator, Rome;
  • Silvio Boni, journalist, Rome;
  • Lena Pavese, collaborator, Brussels;
  • Alessandro Ricci, collaborator, Berlin.

Eunews is registered with the Press Register of the Court of Turin under number 27. It is also registered with the ROC (Register of Communication Operators) under number 30628 – Editor in Chief: Lorenzo Robustelli.