How can we foster green growth

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EESC, Rue de Trèves 74, Brussels





Welcome speech by:

Luca Jahier
President of the Various Interests Group, EESC

Lorenzo Robustelli
Eunews Editor-in-chief


Introductory speech by:

Ulrike Lunacek *
Vice President of the European Parliament


Keynote Speech by:

Francesca Romana Medda
London University College


Which economic policies to foster Green Growth?

Towards the Energy Union. Which kind of policies to regulate emissions, electricity supply and gas security of supply into a connected European market?
How is it possible to define the market for renewables in terms of innovation rather than deployment?
The European Union needs a consistent strategy to respond to the changing energy policy challenges, developing reliable frameworks: should it encourage the investment that will enable stable energy services at the lowest direct and external cost?
Which is the role of a single, efficient and functioning internal energy market?


Lorenzo Robustelli
Eunews editor-in-chief


Bernd Bievert
Coordination of the Energy union actions, Deputy Head of Cabinet of the Vice President of the European Commission for the Energy Union

Paolo Marino
Director Pöyry Management Consulting

Georg Zachmann

Monica Frassoni
President of the European Greens

Annika Hedberg
Senior Policy Analyst, Europe’s Political Economy Programme, EPC

Federico Testa
ENEA Commissioner

Open discussion and Q&A



Case History: Case History: Lorenzo Robustelli interviews a Pierpaolo Antonioli, CEO of General Motors Powertrain Europe Srl, Executive Director Global Diesel Sector.


The effectiveness of a technological shift led by public policies towards a Green Economy.

In the past decades, public policies instruments to support a shift towards a green - at least, greener - economy have been developed, both through direct and indirect financial aid. Which kind of tool proved itself more effective?
How important it is for a government, and for the entire EU, to remove structural impediments for private companies and public bodies to invest in “green” research and development?
Which has been the true role of Member States and the EU in the green shift, compared with private initiatives? And which is its future?.


Marco Zatterin
Correspondent of La Stampa


Justyna Morek
Member of the Cabinet for Key Enabling Technologies of Commissioner Bieńkovska

Colin Blackman
Director of the CEPS Digital Forum

Simona Bonafé
Member of the European Parliament

Thomas Manfredi
Statistician and Data Analyst at ELS, OECD

Stefano Mazzetti
National coordinator of - Italian zero-waste initiative

Viktor Grønne
Chief of the European Students’ Union ESU

Open discussion and Q&A with stakeholders, students, members of the academic world (reservation required).

E.qo award

Sandro Serenari
President of e-qo, confers the biannual e-qo green awards.




Giovanni Parapini
Consenso, introduces

Francesco La Camera*
Director General for Sustainable Development, Environmental Damage and Relationship with the European Union


Green bio-economy? The role of biotech in the development of sustainable products.

Are future green jobs already here?
The true future of the the green economy lies in biotech: which are the examples of excellence?
It not all about GMOs: how are Member States coping with this kind of challenge, both economically and ethically?.

Case History: Boeing and the use of green-diesel.


Lorenzo Consoli
Brussels correspondent for Askanews


Jerzy Bogdan Plea
Director-General for Agriculture and Rural Development

Dario Tamburrano *
Member of the European Parliament

Julie Felgar
Managing Director, Environmental Strategy and Integration, Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Can eco-sustainability be coupled with excellence in both products and profits in food & beverage industry?

How are sustainable and green production chains aligned with a profit-oriented company?
What is the role of innovation in the various steps of the production chain?
What is the added value of a green-oriented organisation, compared with “traditional-only” production?


Roberto Zangrandi
Special Advisor EDSO for Smart Grids


Andrea Olivero
Italian Vice Minister of Agriculture

Federico Bonaglia
Deputy Director of the Development Centre, OECD

Staffan Nilsson
Member of the Various Interests Group and former President of the EESC

Chantal Bruetschy
DG SANTE’s Head of Unit “Innovation and Sustainability”

* subject to speaker confirmation