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Zimmer, GUE leader: “Not a coalition but a strong cooperation with Socialists and Greens”

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The current President of the European United Left group at the EP said that with PES and Greens they “will not try to create a coalition but will try to have a strong cooperation. It is necessary to stop austerity policies.”

Not a cor a coalition “but a strong cooperation” is what GUE hopes to obtain with S&D and Greens at the Euroepan Parliament. That’s what the current leader of the European United Left, Gabi Zimmer, told eunews.it after the statements made by Alexis Tsipras during the election night. The Syriza leader in fact said he hopes in a “constructive dialogue” with PES and Greens “to stop Merkel’s polices.”

According to Zimmer, this “does not mean we have to create a group or a coalition, it just means we could have a strong cooperation aimed at pushing the policies we believe in and stopping the austerity as well.” The representative of the German Die Link said the GUE group “will try to negotiate with these forces” and see if it is possible to create some kind of common action, at least on some policies.

Dealing with the appointment of the next European Commission President, Zimmer acknowledged that Juncker is entitled to make the first attempt at mustering a majority, given that he is the leader of the winning party, and that GUE will take part at the consultations. “We think Juncker should talk with us too.” “No matter he will be the one creating the next Commission, or Schulz: we will out our agenda and our proposals on the table in any case.”



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