First it was ‘niggers’, now women. For a Polish MEP they should “stay at home and bring up their children”

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According to the eurosceptic Korwin-Mikke, already hit by controversies after talking about ‘niggers’ at the European Parliament, women have no intellectual interest and their sole power is parenting their children

He once started a speech during a Plenary saying “unemployed are treated like niggers” and sparked a revolt in the Parliament, together with a request of sanctions against him. To make everyone clear which kind of person he is, the eurosceptic Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke wanted to make everyone understand his opinion on women. During a conference about youth unemployment, he had a soft start: “I think their role [womens’] is very important, I trust in women.” Still, he added: “I think my wife can buy food, and feed our children.” Well, what else should she do? “Women rule the word because they parent children, this is their power in fact

Korwin-Mikke, who had already said women should not be allowed to vote, was apparently making ‘common sense’ considerations: “In politics, in sports, there are much more men than women,” he said, surprised by the comments made by journalists. “1% of women have an interesting work,” said the lapidary Polish MEP, “all the others put stamps on letters at the post office, sell things at shops, they have no intellectual interest.” But, “if they are women at home, they are the master of it.” In addition, being devoted to their home is useful too: “Parenting their children, women can also develop their intellect, because they need to solve children’s problems, different day by day.” There, at home, “a woman is a true woman,” said Korwin-Mikke, sure of his ideas.

You know, “would you like to be on a plane where both pilots share the same degree of power of manoeuvre?” said Korwin-Mikke, losing his temper: “I wouldn’t at all. There’s just one who can have the right of manoeuvring.” And that’s the man, of course. The Polish MEP even gave a ‘self-explaining’ example: “There are basketball, handball, even football teams made up of women, still their managers are all men.”



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