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Bonino: ‘grievous irregularities’ by Bindi, we trust her no longer

Bonino: ‘grievous irregularities’ by Bindi, we trust her no longer

The Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement about the decision not to renovate the mandate to the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels, Ms Federiga Bindi. Please note that we did not use the words “removal” dealing with the case – hence it does not refer to us with ‘reports in the press’.

Here’s the note:

“With regard to reports in the press about the “removal” of the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels, Federiga Bindi, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed that the Director’s term in office would have expired in due course on 9 March. It further noted that the relationship of trust with the Ministry had suffered also following the joint inspection by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs and the claims levelled by the inspectors against the Director for grievous administrative and accounting irregularities. The matter is currently under investigation by supervisory authorities. Given the situation, Minister Bonino has decided not to renew the expiring appointment, believing that the obligation of administrative and accounting propriety is as important as the cultural responsibility, which will certainly be maintained with the current Director’s successor.”


Ms Bindi has written a note on the Facebook profile of the Institute

“Dear friends of the Institute

I’ve read in astonishment and regret the statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, in which I’m linked with ‘grievous administrative and accounting irregularities’. I just want to assure you that, as the Ministry is perfectly aware, I have struggled to carry on a regularisation and ‘clean-up’ process during my entire period as Director. In order to keep my professional account clean and honourable, I will ask for a quick clarification of my work and for the work of my predecessors, which I unfortunately I had to deal with – as proved by the documents recorded at the CII and at the Ministry. I will thus keep up my work with enthusiasm and passion for the time I still have, as I think the truth will prevail as usual.

Dealing with the libels about my professionals and academic records, I just want to say they are so miserable I do not even want to contradict them.

I want to thank the thousands who participated our activities during these two years and expressed their esteem. Looking forward to see you for the ‘Music Week’ from 3 February,

my kindest regards,




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