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Brussels Briefing on Trade

Brussels Briefing on Trade

Joanna Sopinska – Trade reporter for EU Trade Insights , provides an overview of the EU’s most pressing trade issues for the second half of February

  • On 22 February, started the 12th round of TTIP talks. Commissioner Malmstrom indicated that this round will mark the start of more intensive working sessions, with hopes to reach an agreement before the change of the American administration early next year. During this new round of talks, the two teams are expected to discuss different issues such as public procurementISDS scheme and advances on rules of trade and regulatory cooperation.
  • During the EP Plenary session (held in Brussels), MEPs will convene discussions and cast their votes on two Tunisia-related items:
    • MEPs will vote on emergency measures to temporarily raise the amount of olive oil that can be imported duty-free from Tunisia. (24 February).
    • On the opening of EU-Tunisia FTA negotiations (25 February), whose first working session is set to take place on 18 April in Tunis, Tunisia.