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Orbàn's defeat splits the Italian
Viktor Orban, Matteo Salvini

Orbàn's defeat splits the Italian "government of change"

M5S and Lega are divided. Forza Italia with the Hungarian premier. The PD rejoices and raises: now it's up to Conte

Rome – Four hundred and forty-eight fingers pointed to Viktor Orbàn sanction the Hungarian premier and his government guilty of not respecting the rule of law. And in Italy, where the controversial leader has just been received with all the honors by the Minister of the Interior and vice premier, Matteo Salvini, politics is divided into two fan groups. With a noteworthy comment, namely: the procedure provided for in Article 7 of the Treaty in the event of violation of fundamental rights such as democracy, the rule of law and human rights has split the coalition that currently governs the country. The Lega (with Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia, in a re-edition of the center-right that was), pronounced “without any doubt” in favor of Orbàn, the Five Star Movement has been instead against.

Just the grillini were the only ones within the Efdd group to vote in favor of the sanctions to Hungary and Viktor Orban while the MEPs of the League, along with all the other members of the Enf group, voted against. This is shown in the analysis of the votes cast by the Strasbourg assembly. The majority of the PPE instead voted in favor. Only 59 opposites, including Forza Italia, and 28 abstainers.

The center-left opposition obviously exults, but rather puts its finger on the incongruities of the pro-Orban alliance: how can Berlusconi, PPE’s pillar, support the League’s line without disavowing the cardinal values ​​of the European Union? And again: as a tribute to what tactics the Cavaliere (re) launches with Salvini that governs with the Grillini in Rome? From the parts of the government of change they are quick to point out that the Sargentini resolution will not affect either the relationship between the contracting partners or the future alliances.

On the reaction front everything goes according to script. Starting from Matteo Salvini. “Hungary will not give in to this blackmail and protect its borders. All my closeness. No to
sanctions, no trials to a freely elected government”, writes the vice premier on Facebook. Giorgia Meloni presided over the Hungarian embassy to testify the proximity of the far rights Brothers of Italy to the Hungarians’ fight against the EU’s Soviets and ended with Forza Italia, in whose vote against the penalties enormously weighs the personal friendship between Silvio Berlusconi and the premier of Budapest. “It’s a very bad news that will end up damaging Europe,” says Licia Ronzulli, a senator from Fi, very close to Cavaliere.

On the opposite side the secretary of the Democratic Party, Maurizio Martina celebrates “the European Parliament that today gives a lesson to Orban” while Laura Boldrini, former president of the Low Chamber directly invests the Premier Giuseppe Conte: “Now the word is to the heads of government decide on penalties: what position will Giuseppe Conte assume on Salvini’s friend? First democracy or first Orbàn?”.