Il commissario Lewandowski

Il commissario Lewandowski

Lewandowski to present the 2015 budget at the Financial Programming and Budget Committee

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The Commissioner will present the budget to the ‘past’ MEPs, still in charge, but it will be up to the new ones to approve it. According to the figures already discussed between Parliament and Council, it will be amounting to €135.3 billion

Even though the creation of the new Parliament is underway, the latest term hasn’t ended yet – hence, ‘old’ MEPs will be in charge for the entire month of June. Commissioner Lewandowski will then address them for presenting the draft of the 2015 European budget.

The Financial Programming and Budget Committee will meet and from 11am to 1pm, to hear the report from the Commission in a formal session which will be used to verbalise a dossier – that will be approved by the forthcoming Parliament.

The current Parliament in fact, being outgoing, cannot vote nor write a report on this. The Wednesday meeting will be just a hearing on a project then – a well know project, moreover: during the MFF 2014 – 2020 negotiation process, in fact, €135.3 billion were allocated to the year 2015, out of a total amount of € 960 billion.

According to the figures, already discussed by Parliament and Commission, €135.3 billion will be divided into – among other expenses – € 8.3 billion for administrative expenses (personnel salaries and management of the institutions), € 45.4 billion for program funding and policies of “economic, social and territorial cohesion” and € 55 billion for “sustainable growth” expenses.



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