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Il supporto microfinanziario dell'Ue taglia il traguardo del milione di euro (ENG)

Il supporto microfinanziario dell'Ue taglia il traguardo del milione di euro (ENG)

Da quando l'Unione ha avviato le prime iniziative sono stati firmati più di 100 accordi per supportare 100mila micro-imprenditori in 23 Stati membri

Brussels – Since the EU started its microfinance initiatives, more than 100 agreements have been signed with microfinance providers, to support over 100,000 micro-entrepreneurs in 23 EU member states. This cooperation between the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Commission, and microfinance providers aims to mobilise over 1 billion euros of microfinance loans for micro-borrowers across the EU under Progress Microfinance and the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). Target borrowers include unemployed micro-entrepreneurs, young self-employed, minority groups, women and rural communities where microfinance can help with work-integration, health care, social housing and education. 

Since the launch of EaSI, EIF has already signed 33 transactions in 18 countries, generating 660 million euros of financing to over 50,000 micro-enterprises and social enterprises. Micro-enterprises or social enterprises wishing to apply for a (micro-)loan under EaSI can do so directly by contacting one of EIF’s microfinance institutions.

EIF will not provide direct financial support to enterprises and micro-borrowers but will implement the facility through local financial intermediaries, such as microfinance, social finance and guarantee institutions, as well as banks active across the EU-28 and additional countries that are participating in the EaSI programme. These intermediaries will deal with interested parties directly to provide support under the EaSI Guarantee.