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Piattaforme di trading online, aperta la consultazione pubblica (ENG)

Piattaforme di trading online, aperta la consultazione pubblica (ENG)

La Commissione europea vuole indagare le pratiche correnti e invita per questo sia gli operatori professionali che le stesse piattaforme online a partecipare al sondaggio

Brussels – In its follow-up to the Digital Single Market Strategy, the European Commission has undertaken a study aimed at learning more about the business-to-business (B2B) relations between online platforms and businesses active on these platforms. In order to learn more about current trading practices, the Commission invites all businesses using online platforms and the online platforms themselves to take part in a survey launched by the study.

The study is part of the fact-finding exercise on the trading practices between online platforms and their business users announced earlier this year. The study will provide additional evidence to help the Commission determine the scope, actual scale and economic/innovation impact of potentially unfair B2B trading practices engaged in by online platforms. The study will in this regard identify the business-to-business practices of online platforms that may present problems in particular for small businesses, as well as positive examples of redress.

Here is the link to submit your experience if you are a business user, and here if you are an online platform.