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ZTE joins the European Council of

ZTE joins the European Council of "Fiber to the Home"

Italy is the multinational's European hub of the Company, that grows also in Spain and Germany

Brussels – Starting from January 2019 ZTE joins the European Council fiber to the Home, with the goal of accelerating fibre-based connectivity uniformly on the continent, developing a leading digital company across Europe.

“Creating a sustainable future does not just mean protecting the environment, but also creating broader benefits for society, its citizens and the economic health of communities and nations”, states a press release from the Company.

In the last 5 years, ZTE’s investments in Europe have been far-reaching. Not only in Italy, the multinational’s European hub, but also in Spain and Germany. The realization of the optical fibre is one of the main projects of the Chinese colossus in partnership with Open Fiber. Fiber optics is the future of connectivity, and it is for this reason that ZTE becomes a member of fiber to the Home European Council since 2019.

The FTTH European Council, under the leadership of Erzsébet Fitori, Director General, gathers more than 150 members with the aim of promoting the benefits that fibre will bring to individual citizens and businesses, and how it will efficiently provide many services.

As main sponsor, ZTE will also be present at the FTTH Conference 2019, which will be held in Amsterdam from 12th to 14th March.