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Budget, Renzi:
Juncker e Renzi

Budget, Renzi: "Eu could ask for more explanation, but the draft is done and it will not be changed"

The Prime Minister did not discuss the budget law with Juncker and wants to keep it unchanged even if Brussels would send him a warning letter

Rome – Any bilateral meeting took place yesterday between the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker and “it would not take place” even today (friday), said Renzi at the end of the first day of the European Council meeting. So, about the Italian budget , a theme of heated discussion now between Rome and Bruxelles, “we did not talk”, reveals Renzi today at the Rtl 102,5 radio. The Commission “could write, as it usually do, a letter for asking for more explanation”, he explained, but “the manoeuvre is done” and “it will not be changed”.

The Prime Minister maintains his position. “If Eu advances any consideration, we will listen to them and we will talk about”, he said, but the real issue is that “we want to send a signal to citizens and not to Brussels technocracies”. Therefore the Prime Minister suggested that the space for change would be very limited and highlighted that, despite the doubts coming from Brussels political circles, “thanks to this budget bill, the deficit would reach its lowest level over the last 10 years” and this demonstrates that “we actually are doing our best efforts”, even if we are maintaining a high expense for supporting the even now weak national economic upturn.