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Center-right coalition writes its program. Berlusconi and Salvini still divided on the euro

Center-right coalition writes its program. Berlusconi and Salvini still divided on the euro

Berlusconi says Salvini has changed idea about exiting the Eurozone, although the economist of the euro-skeptical movement points it as the first priority

Rome – After the agreement of last Sunday among the political leaders of the four groups of the coalition, the Italian center-right parties started today writing the common program, but Forza Italia and Lega are still on very far positions about different issues, first among all the permanence of Italy in the euro. For the founder of Fi, Silvio Berlusconi, the ally Matteo “Salvini has changed his opinion about the euro and agrees that for Italy it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to get out” from the Eurozone. The adoption of the single currency was “difficult”, Berlusconi stressed this morning on Radio1, “but now we are in and we cannot get out without difficulty, than we will stay in the euro”, the former premier assured. There is “no divergence” with the allies on this, he added.

Despite berlusconi’s words, however, divergences still exist and they seem difficult to be smoothed out. It’s clear watching on Rai2 Claudio Borghi Aquilini, responsible by Lega for economics. It was only yesterday, indeed, when he announced: “Just a second after Lega will come in office at the Government, we will implement all possible preparations to achieve monetary sovereignty”, which is “a matter of national security”.

The distance of views remains clear, therefore. Even the statements by Renato Brunetta – commissioned by Fi, together with Paolo Romani and Paola Tommasi, to find the agreement with the allies on the program – do not clarify the situation. Responding to the solicitation by Eunews, the president of Forza Italia’s group at the Chamber ‘dribbled’ the question on which synthesis can be reached about the single currency. “Our monetary sovereignty is within the euro”, he said referring to “a euro and a Europe for growth, and not to a stepmother Europe as it has been so far”. On the other hand, if we talk about “a Europe of the egoism of the Franco-German axis, then it can go to hell, we will not be in”, added the exponent of Fi. “We are Europeanists to the core”, he immediately stated, “and we want a Europe of growth and solidarity”. If even “the currency will be the currency of growth and solidarity”, he concluded, then “long life to the euro”.

In the forecasts, the center-right coalition’s program should be ready by the end of the week. Thus, just a few days and we’ll know if Salvini will agree with Brunetta, or if he will put on the table the long-awaited alternative proposal to the double currency hypothesized by Berlusconi some time ago. An alternative proposal of which, moreover, nobody in Forza Italia have seen even the shadow.